MozaTech Corporation

If you need a solution to support business or improve business performance, reduce IT systems to operate excessively or unused, increase stability and improve service levels, timely implementation of business benefits, risk management, monitoring deployment... Moza Solution will offer the most appropriate solution for your business problems


By technology capability, consulting and management experience over many years of implementing information technology projects with the ability to grasp market trends, deep insights into strategy in developing application technology Information for business objectives of domestic and international businesses, Moza Solution will give customers consulting services on:

- Design the architecture of the product system.

- Design, optimization of enterprise database.

- Consulting management, resources, strategies, products for startups and businesses.

What types of information technology strategy consultancies do we offer effectively?

- IT strategy formulation: Making IT strategies and plans for business operation or business strategy support.

- IT management: Advise on the process of inspection and review of existing IT management structures, or develop and implement new ones by reference to standards such as ISO27001.

- Consultantcy for structure and process construction for IT department: Consultantcy on design of organizational structure, process, role, capacity and skill of IT department to ensure effective IT department and accurate function.

- IT investment management consultancy: We advise clients stratgies to manage IT expenditures, including costs, profits and performance monitoring ...

- IT project management consultantcy: We support the management or consultancy of processes that help customers manage their own IT projects (progress, human resources, quality ...)

- Data management consultancy: We advise clients on items related to data management such as: formulation of data strategy, design of information structures and principles of information classification, policies for sourcing and maintaining data content, management and storage of electronic content ...
The combination of technology expertise and automation strategy helps Moza Solution provide its customers with top-notch consulting services; ensuring improved business efficiency, increasing income from cost effective investments, minimizing risk.

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