MozaTech Corporation

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MOZA GROUP has organized camping for all employees and trainees in Ecopark, Bat Trang village and Aeon mall center. That was a memorable picnic. We had an interesting and unforgettable day.

Ecopark is an amazing entertainment center. In the cool climate of the early days of spring, we departed from Ha Noi to there at 7 a.m. Everyone was eager for an unforgettable day. On the car, we played guitar and sang together.

At 8h30 a.m, we arrived to the summer park - Ecopark. We played some funny games. We walked under the green trees, talked about everything of our life and shared our projects in the future. n the midday, we went to Bat Trang village - one of the most famous potteries village in Vietnam. We made some cute products by ourselves. It was very interesting.

Before went back home, we didn’t forget buy some pottery gifts for our friends and family. In the end of the afternoon, after moved from Bat Trang village, we transferred to Aeon Mall – the Trade Center in the East of Hanoi. Here, we played bowling and it made us laugh a lot. Everyone was interested in this game. 

Thanks for this picnic, it was an amazing day. The gap between us is almost disappear. After the picnic, we are closer and more understand to each other. Besides, with all members, company is the second family, where we can share anything and take care of each other.